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Machine Weft, Flat Weft or Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Machine Weft, Flat Weft or Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand Tied Extensions

If you’re anything like us, you dream of silky-smooth long tresses or added volume to make your hair look luxuriously thick. Hair Extensions are the perfect way to achieve your desired look quickly. With constant innovation, there now are different types of hair extensions available depending on your hair type, desired look and budget. In this blog post, I’m discussing the difference between Machine Weft, Flat Weft and Hand Tied Hair Extensions and how to determine which is best for you to retain the health of your natural hair. Let’s dive in!

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are individually hand tied onto an incredibly thin weft by professionals for a secure and natural look. At Cooperative Salon, we offer Skinny Weft which achieves full coverage volume with a damage free application. 

The hand tied hair extensions are virtually untraceable when applied on even thin hair and are the most comfortable to wear as they are lighter. However, because they are hand sewn, we recommend refraining from cutting them to size as they can easily unravel. Instead, if you are a hair stylist and they are too long for your client, fold them over to create the desired fit. If you absolutely must cut them, be extremely careful and seal the ends straight away.

As hand tied hair extensions are light and have a thin weft making them untraceable, they are safe and suit everyone from those with thin hair to thick hair with any length. Their flexibility makes it possible to style your hair anyway you choose, from beautiful flowy looks to creative updos while allowing your natural hair to grow free and healthy.

The application of our Skinny Weft hand tied hair extensions retains the integrity of your own hair as there is no need for tape or glue and there are minimal points of contact to your hair, each row contains only 15-20 points of contact compared to 300-400 for other brands. Hand tied hair extensions are more expensive and take longer to install because of their nature and delicacy, however they are worth the investment as they can be worn for 6-8 weeks, after which they need to be taken out and reinstalled to ensure they retain their incredible look.

With proper care, with instructions that we provide, these extensions can be worn for up to 6 months, with swapping out pieces for new extensions as needed. We recommend visiting us at Cooperative Salon for a professional and long-lasting install.

Machine Weft Hair Extensions

Machine Weft Hair Extensions are sewn together by a machine on a thicker weft meaning each weft has more hair, however it can appear bulkier at the root making it more difficult to conceal and slightly less comfortable than hand tied hair extensions. At Cooperative Salon, we do offer Machine Tied 110-gram hair extensions for those with thicker and curly textured hair who desire longer length. 

Machine Weft Hair Extensions are the oldest form of extensions and are strategically double wefted to achieve maximum fullness per inch. Because they are thicker at the root, they are ideal for those with a medium to thicker hair density and with the way they are manufactured, it is possible to cut them to size without the hair shedding. Because of the way they are manufactured and the fact that they take less time to install, machine weft hair extensions are durable and more affordable than hand tied hair extensions. 

Flat Weft Hair Extensions 

Flat Weft Hair Extensions are a hybrid between hand tied wefts and machine wefts, and at Cooperative Hair, we refer to them as Hybrid Wefts. They take the best qualities of both types of hair extensions and merge them into one new revolutionary weft where you are able to achieve an ultra-flat lace weft attachment that caters to the discreetness and comfort of hand tied wefts, with the flexibility, customization abilities and density of machine wefts for all hair textures from fine to thick.

At Cooperative Salon, we offer Hybrid Wefts in 20-inch lengths of both 50 grams and 100 grams depending on your desired look and volume. As flat wefts are thin, they are also relatively easy to conceal without looking bulky at the roots and are comfortable to wear. We recommend flat weft extensions for those with medium to thick hair, however if you do have thin hair but a lot of it, you should be able to conceal them nicely to achieve a volumized look.

The application of flat weft hair extensions is easier than hand tied hair extensions as they can be cut and customized and therefore, they are more affordable, however they do take longer than machine wefts as they are thinner and more delicate. Similar to hand tied, they need to be reinstalled every 6-8 weeks to preserve the look and your ability to conceal them.

Which Hair Extension Type Is the Best Option for You?

If you want to achieve the most natural, luxurious and voluminous look for your locks, we highly recommend our Skinny Weft Hand Tied Hair Extensions. They are the best option for all hair types and give you the most freedom to create your favorite long flowy locks and fun updos. Our Skinny Wefts are high-quality and are sourced from countries all over the world to ensure that we are able to match your natural hair’s texture when it air dries.

This way you also have the option of wearing your hair and hair extensions naturally without the need to style them to blend and look cohesive. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the Flat Weft Hair Extensions, or Hybrid Extensions, are the next best choice providing the benefits of both hand tied and machine tied hair extensions. 

If you still aren’t sure which type of hair extension is best suited to your natural hair, desired look and budget, or would like to book in for your consultation, feel free to contact us at Cooperative Hair and we would be more than happy to recommend the best option for you. To see the incredible transformations my team and I give our clients every day, make sure to follow us on Instagram at @nataliadidmyhair and @cooperativehair.